Information Centre of Celtic Culture

Ancient and contemporary Celtic traditions and customs come to life at the castle in Nižbor, which towers over the Berounka River.

The castle has become a permanent reminder of Bohemia’s Celtic past because it lies opposite the famous Stradonice oppidum. It provides its visitors with the atmosphere of the Celtic world. The exposition is complemented by short-term exhibitions on archaeology. Every year the castle hosts celebrations of the important Celtic festivals Samhain and Beltain.

The Celtic oppidum was built around 120 BC on the hill Hradiště near Stradonice. It covered an area of ninety hectares and was an important trade and production centre. The entrances were protected by at least four gates and inside lived a diverse society from aristocracy to craftsmen, merchants to slaves. The number of inhabitants is estimated at several thousand. The glory of the oppida lasted only about a hundred years, because it could not withstand the raids of the Germanic tribes.