West of Prague, along the course of the Berounka River, lies the area of natural beauty of the Křivoklát forests and the limestone landscape of the Czech Karst.

The Berounsko region is a beautiful destination in Central Bohemia, famous for its tourist destinations such as Karlštejn and Křivoklát Castles, Koněprusy Caves, Hamous Farm, Great America quarry, Skryje Lakes and the pilgrimage sites of Tetín and Svatý Jan pod Skalou.

However, many other places remain undiscovered. So, the romantic river valley of the Berounka River, beautiful nature, many viewpoints and lookout towers, diverse monuments, charming villages, lively traditions, preserved folk architecture and much more await you!

History lovers, sporty people looking for active recreation, hiking fans, gourmets looking for gastronomic experiences, families with children and all those wanting to discover the beauty of Bohemia will find themselves in the Beroun district.

Visitor's Guide
Study the information about the Beroun district, use our website and you'll be welcomed in the information centres.
Try leaving your car at home and you won't have to worry about parking it. • Lasting cleanliness is a beauty certainty! Whether you're in nature, in the city or in the countryside, put your rubbish where it belongs.
Choose a multi-day trip! If you stay with us, you'll see much more. Take advantage of some of the accommodation facilities in the Beroun district, we have family apartments, cosy guesthouses, comfortable hotels or campsites in the countryside.
Taste and experience Berounsko. You'll support local providers and the diversity of our offer, which can grow thanks to you.
There's a reason and meaning behind the rules in nature conservation, think about it when you visit protected areas. We only have one nature; it will be grateful for our care.
Everyone knows Karlštejn, Křivoklát and other attractive tourist destinations, but what about trying to discover new places at an unusual time of year? A unique experience is guaranteed!
Whether you're in nature, in the city or in the countryside, put your rubbish where it belongs.
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